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Since 2012, the solar market in the United States has grown 76%, and that means solar power is even more accessible to homes across America than ever before, and that is wonderful for homeowners looking to lower their costs.  As a matter of fact, MIS Contracting Group, a general contractor whose major focus is providing personalized advice and guidance to Florida homeowners regarding the recently available PACE Program, has 5 reasons solar energy is a great choice for your home

Reason #1 – Savings from The Very Beginning: If you are thinking of going solar, then looking into “pay-as-you-go” financing is a smart choice.  Since these companies are third-party, the solar provider owns the solar system and takes care of everything from installation to maintenance to monitoring and repairs, so instead of paying the utility company, you end up just paying the solar provider and the cost is usually much less.

Reason #2 – Paying in Cash Provides Even More Savings: While a lot of homeowners choose the third-party route, some homeowners are choosing to pay in cash and therefore are experiencing more long-term savings.  For instance, by paying in cash, the payback period in many cases is less than 10 years.

Reason #3 – Your Home Will Increase in Value: According to a study done by National Renewable Energy Laboratory, houses with solar panels sell 20% faster and the owners ended up making about 17% more than they would’ve.  Additionally, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that if your home has solar panels, the value could increase by about $17,000.

Reason #4 – Extra Incentives: In 2009, the Federal Solar Tax Credit cap of $2,000 was lifted, meaning that homeowners could get 30% of their total system costs back, i.e. equipment and installation.

Reason #5 – Standard Bills: Finally, most people know that the prices utility companies charge for electricity can be kind of unreliable, and that’s where solar energy is a great idea.  With solar panels and a little additional information, a homeowner can calculate how much electricity will be generated and at what cost.

What are your thoughts on solar energy? Leave your tips and ideas in the comments section.  For more information about our top-notch energy efficient services, contact MIS Contracting Group at 1 (844) 229-7339 or at info@dev.pacesaves.info.