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Living in paradise comes with a price, and that price is Hurricanes.  If you live in South Florida you already know that “Hurricane Season” starts June 1st and doesn’t end until November 30th, and that of course means it’s time to prepare your house for any possible damage that could occur.  With that being said, below are six (6) ways you can protect your home from a hurricane.

Surge Protection is Your Friend: Anyone who has experienced a national disaster knows that power outages are pretty much a guarantee (the amount of time may vary, but as we all know, it will happen).  So, to make sure your appliances and electronics aren’t damaged, investing in a power surge protector to be added to your electrical panel and built in surge protectors will make sure that any damage is either non-existent or minimized.  Also consider that your heating and air conditioning systems will need their own special protection.

Protect your Air Conditioner: Wind is a part of the hurricane process, and with lots of strong winds comes a ton of airborne debris and projectiles all waiting to get stuck in your AC unit, thus causing damage.  Using a manufacturer-approved protective cover (instead of a tarp or garbage bag), will not only avoid trapping moisture inside the machine but you also get a warranty with it.

Remember, Plywood, Plywood, Plywood: If you don’t have storm windows or hurricane shutters (and sometimes depending on how strong the hurricane wind is even if you do), there is a strong possibility your house will receive significant damage on the outside and maybe even on the inside.  Stocking up on plywood is not only an affordable solution, but it is also basically available everywhere and relatively easy to apply.

Protect Your Windows and Doors: Windows and doors that leak can obviously let in water, so make sure they are properly sealed (as a side, this will also make your home more energy efficient, thus saving you money).  Additionally, make sure you remove any loose debris in your area and to secure anything in the area surrounding your home, including lawn furniture, toys, and low-hanging branches or limbs.

Clean Your Gutters and Drains: Make sure your gutters and downspouts are cleaned (this is more of a monthly preventive thing since in the case of an emergency you obviously won’t be able to stop and clean out the affected areas).  Keeping these things clean will prevent water from collecting around your home and flooding your attic (if you have one).

Know Your Insurance Policy: This is a boring one, but a task that is often overlooked and/or not dealt with until disaster strikes, and for anyone that has been in that position, you already know that is not ideal.  Know where your existing policy is, make sure you have the original copy as well as an extra copy or two, make sure you have reviewed the policy thoroughly, know who you need to contact and the process of filing a claim, and make sure it includes flood insurance, as any home can be flooded at any time during a storm.

What are some of the ways you prepare your home for the hurricane season? Leave your tips and ideas in the comments section.  For more information about our top-notch contracting services, contact MIS Contracting Group at 1 (844) 229-7339 or at info@dev.pacesaves.info.