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Insurance Savings

Reduce your hurricane-insurance premium by up to 80%

by adding wind mitigation features to your home


Have peace of mind that you are ready for the next hurricane in your community by investing in the structure of your home. Hurricane season in Florida lasts from June 1st to November 30th, and during those months there is risk of exposure to high winds. The more wind mitigation features your home boasts- newer roof, hurricane shutters, etc- the higher likelihood it will be standing after the next hurricane.

Strengthening your home not only protects one of your greatest financial assets, but more importantly will help protect your family during the next catastrophic event.


Wind mitigation features are researched and proven to help minimize damage to your home in the event of a hurricane or high winds. As a result, upgrading your roof, door and windows can have a huge impact on your insurance premium. The state requires insurance companies to offer discounts for protecting your home against damage caused by hurricane winds.

If you are not familiar with this form, and are not sure if you have one on file with your insurance company, give us a call. In order to receive the greatest amount of discounts available to you, proof of your home’s wind mitigation features must be submitted to your insurance company. 

Our team is happy to personally review your current rates with you and work with your insurance agency directly to identify available discounts.


Potential Savings Of Up To 89%

This discount is given if your roof meets 2001 Florida Building Codes.

Discount up to 80%

Inspectors review what type of roof decking is used and how it is attached

Discount up to 9%

The inspector checks to see if your roof’s trusses are attached with nails or hurricane clips and if the wraps are single or double.

Discount up to 21%

The shape of your roof helps determine your discount.

Discount up to 28%

What type of roof do you have? Depending on your roof covering, (if you have shingles, a metal roof, etc) you may be eligible for a discount.

Discount up to 7%

Shutters and high-impact windows and doors keep your home safe in the event of a hurricane.

Discount up to 39%


*Discounts are not calculated cumulatively. The total discount is not the sum of the individual discounts. Instead, when one discount is applied, other discounts are reduced until you reach your maximum discount of 89%.

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